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August Civil 3D Training

This August has been busy and sometimes downright hectic. Funny thing is, I don’t feel like I accomplished much which is really silly. It must be a post-Olympic hangover. Too much highly visible amazing personal and team achievement followed too many endless ads from the same corporations can do that to you. No single TV network should ever be allowed to do the Olympics again.

If the tiny…

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Windows 10 Anniversary and Civil 3D

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update hit the streets this month. Microsoft isn’t calling these Service Packs any more for good reason. The Anniversary Update thankfully does more than that.
Oh, yes. A Windows OS update can be scary sometimes.
Will my working world change forever? Will I lose days of work? The list is endless. Most of the fear and consequences are often…

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Learn Design in Civil 3D

People do ask,

“How do I learn Civil 3D?”

Everyone who’s used any civil design software before is positive they know the fundamentals of surface builds and construction. I can just about guarantee that after you use AutoCAD Civil 3D for a while your viewpoint of that assumed truth will be rebuilt (grin). Surface design is usually not what people mean by the question.


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Framework for Civil 3D Product Updates

In Civil 3D Land it is once again the IDS of August. Hey, wait a minute. Hasn’t Autodesk discontinued IDS? Et tu Brute? Ok. Ids is an obscure word in a dead language. If it weren’t for the bard who wrote in Middle English probably no one would know or care about it. He actually knew what my name means.
The Autodesk IDS has evolved from a suite  to become a new Architectural

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AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 SP1 Released

Late last week Autodesk released AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 Service Pack 1 right on time.
Note that SP1 for Civil 3D 2017 shares lots of similarities with the recently released SP3 for Civil 3D 2016. Fancy that.
Remind me to check and see which version of the Traverse Editor is in there...Odds are it is. No mention in the readme contents below.
Don't freak out.

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