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Symbol Exchange AddOn for Civil 3D

Today, the Framework makes AutoCAD Civil 3D symbols/blocks even easier to customize and maintain in multiple releases of AutoCAD Civil 3D. The Framework helps you look better and deliver exactly what you need to your clients with less customization effort. Imagine that!
That’s what the Framework for Civil 3D is all about.

We’ve released a new Symbol Exchange AddOn

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The Cascaded Civil 3D Intersection

Before Autodesk University I posted about how to Stop the Intersection Wizard to create multiple interconnected Intersections in Civil 3D. Did you miss it? Our goal there was a Complex Corridor – a related and interconnected corridor model built and managed in part by Intersections.

I like to call the Intersection the Design Control Supervisor

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Civil 3D Feature Line Priority

One of the more interesting aspects of life is that the things we at first do not understand lead us directly to unexpected and new forms of often useful enlightenment. Sadly, this does not happen for everyone all the time. The current bemused ramblings of leftist political pundits comes to mind.
Changing our perspective takes real work. Understandably that’s something most of us often seem to…

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Export Dem Civil 3D Figures

Most folk who are new to Survey in Civil 3D love to hate the Figure Edit engine in Civil 3D. Both the old COGO editor and the new and better Traverse Editor also share this strange virtual lines interface in Civil 3D. Employment is simple. Zoom to Selection skill is what you need to practice. There are lots of posts about those…

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Civil Diversity Training

I heard something on election night from a liberal political hack on a major news network about our recent historic US election. He mumbled,

“Where did these voters come from?”

A note to the deep blue fringe – progressives and humanists alike - 
We’ve been here all the time. We aren’t going to Canada.
Call this election diversity training.
We all hope…

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