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Civil 3D Training and Updates Dec 2016

Check out our latest Civil 3D Training and Civil 3D Help additions below. Nothing to be afraid of. You will discover we added a diverse collection of new Civil 3D Training Video and blog post content this month from a whole bunch of people. There are a bunch of quick links below to specific sections you should find useful, interesting, instructive,…

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Civil 3D Resolutions Are Consequential

Resolutions is an interesting word. If we take the word apart, it contains the plural of the solutions word and the repeat predicate re - to do it again. The classic phrase “New Year’s Resolutions” makes sense. But interested minds want to know, why employ solutions that didn’t work the previous times? Time to resolve not to.


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Civil 3D Survey Query AddOn and Library

AutoCAD Civil 3D does next to nothing to encourage you to do externalize Survey Queries to work across projects. That should sound familiar? Autodesk often ignores the practical Civil 3D user management tools and only gets you 50% of the way there. We can fix that with better Civil 3D civil engineering design and survey…

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Reprise Civil 3D Survey Sand Traps

In the last couple of weeks a recent and necessary security fix for the Microsoft Net Framework seems to have savaged the AutoCAD Civil 3D Survey Query Import and Export a file behaviors. Code that was stable and worked great for the last couple of years and multiple AutoCAD Civil 3D releases suddenly stopped working as advertised.

Odds are Autodesk will take a while to fix their now problematic…

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Civil 3D Survey Query Name Rules

Certainly our Civil 3D civil engineering and survey projects share a common survey and design language: Keys (Point Keys), Codes (Figure Prefix Names), and therefore typical Survey Query logic.

The Civil 3D Survey Upside Down

We covered some of those Stranger Things last time in Civil 3D Survey Query Essentials post…

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