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I acknowledge that I have a different experience than many others in the world of Civil 3D. I attempt to make sure those differences work to your advantage in word, video training deed, and product. The Lord knows, I don’t ever want to count my hours spent inside AutoCAD Civil 3D figuring out how to make the C3D madness work. Yet every day, I’m still humbled by complexity faced by the user…

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Right before the 2017 Christmas weekend Autodesk released an update to Civil 3D 2018 -  the AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018.2 Update. This second Civil 3D Update includes new features, product improvements, and update fixes to both AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018 and the previously released AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018.1 Update.

The AutoCAD…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

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What does a Civil 3D User want for Christmas? Perhaps a way to produce more work in less time?
You all agree that would be a great present to receive.
We can do that. We can even guarantee your production Parcel delivery before the big day no matter what.
Let’s call…

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Most civil engineering and survey firms employ a simple form of codes in the Format column of their Description Keys. There’s no problem with that, but you may be missing some very useful functionality built into AutoCAD Civil 3D’s Description Keys Sets and annotative Label Style power tools.

Inside Civil 3D there is the simple and then there is the simply…

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At present we all probably have Parcels on our mind to one degree or another. It is Christmas time after all. I admit that you’re probably not considering the Civil 3D kind of Parcels favored in subdivision work. Those may make you grimace. Mind you. I’m no Grinch.

My point is that there are many ways in AutoCAD Civil 3D to deliver the Parcel goods whether you be a design civil engineering…

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