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Export Civil 3D to DWG and DGN

On the face of it the nuts and bolts of Export from AutoCAD Civil 3D isn’t all that trilling. If you do this all the time, you’ve got it down pat. If you only do it occasionally, it is easy to forget and overlook some of the nuance. If you’re starting out, Civil 3D Export can seem like a dark art. Ok. Lots of Civil 3D things may seem that way in the beginning.

Deep down…

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Performance Amnesia and Invisible Civil 3D

AutoCAD Civil 3D demands a well-managed project model. Civil 3D real world performance depends on that managed Dynamic Model. This can be a painful lesson to learn at publication crunch time when work has to get out the door. You practice regularly to eliminate crunch time performance problems? Say what?

Pros Practice Execution

We must organizationally and personally…

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Autodesk 2018 Updates and Hotfixes

Autodesk celebrates the summer equinox with a rash of Hotfix, Update, and Module releases for 2018 AEC products. These were accompanied by an Autodesk Desktop App upgrade as well. Seems to me there were actually more than one of those, but what do I know.

Not all of the publically released Hotfixes have appeared in the Autodesk Desktop App

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Public Works Standards for Civil 3D

There are abundant reasons many public works agencies employ the Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D. These include public works departments in major metros, well-known counties and parishes, and certainly a host of smaller public works agencies of many kinds all over the country. In truth, a large percentage of Autodesk government…

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Advanced Civil 3D Publication

If you’re a sports fan, you got to love this last weekend. Both the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup Finals finished on back to back nights. These championship events clarify the term performance under pressure. When we talk about applied personal and team skill in those contexts, push comes to shove takes on a whole new meaning. This brings me to the question of…

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