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Sooner or later one of the infamous Autodesk Bartels Boys is sure to do a brief how to video on the AutoCAD Civil 3D Export command. Visit their site. There’s no harm in continuing education and the Export command should not be missed. Aren’t there more than one of them? Export commands…

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Autodesk released the first update to the 2018 release of Infraworks aptly named Infraworks 2018.1. The download update is available to subscription customers via the Autodesk Desktop App. As per the #Infraworks norm the update is actually a full replacement of an installed Infraworks 2018.

Your older cloud…

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Grid to ground in Civil 3D Survey is a hard corundum. It must be Ruby Tuesday. Say What?
Wait a minute. Isn’t today Thursday?

Dude. Ruby Tuesday is a reference to an old Rolling Stones tune.
They say the song is about the woman who left Keith Richards for Jimi Hendrix.
Hotter licks seemed to matter back then.
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Suitable social keywords aside, might there be a space these days where approaches to collusion could be a good thing? We have more than a few glossy objects in motion in civil engineering and survey space to consider right now.

Reflections and Historical Futures

The new Infraworks 2018 Update 1,…

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I mumbled Export from Civil 3D things for civil engineers and surveyors; waved my hands about DWF; and then sent the folks off to go paint the fence and wash the dishes. As with many useful skills in life:

Doing Offers the Eyes to See


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