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Civil 3D 2018 River and Flood Analysis Released

Last year in was Louisiana. This year it’s the bottom half of Texas that’s below decks and under water. Someone needs to remind the Autodesk marketing folks that the middle of the hurricane season is maybe not the best time to announce the annual release of the River and Flood Analysis Module for AutoCAD Civil 3D. They certainly know that. Perhaps Autodesk is trying to make an important…

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The Magic of Points in Civil 3D

Are Points are one of those “I love to hate them” beasties in AutoCAD Civil 3D? I say it often and loudly that the performance of Civil 3D COGO points sucks. Best to employ them thoughtfully. On the other hand, Civil 3D Survey points can rock your socks off. There are a whole bunch of videos that show that here.

Does it appear in Civil…

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Description Key Size and Number in Civil 3D

A couple of months ago I received a surprising comment from a new Framework for Civil 3D customer. The firm is a pretty typical regional civil engineering and survey firm with multiple offices. They have a wide-ranging professional portfolio that seems to span a good number of common civil disciplines.

The folks in the AEC firm have been using Civil 3D since release 2012.…

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Civil 3D Multiple Line Label Style Properties

There are a good number of things about AutoCAD Civil 3D Label Styles that may eclipse our previous notions about civil engineering and survey annotation.  The path of totality in Civil 3D grants us all significant access to the data behind the many Features – That list of many things inside the Civil 3D Toolspace. These nuanced opportunities deliver to us the format…

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The Finer Cuts of Civil 3D Help

Civil 3D Land is awash with help and video resources. Those of us who prognosticate about the software all have our personal inventories of go-to resources. Is cadpilot.com one of yours? At times we experts act like the White House press corps repeating the crud purveyed by those around us without much consideration of our audience or their real world problems. Sorry, I too succumb…

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