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NOT Keys in Civil 3D

We examined in detail how we can take advantage of Civil 3D’s arcane methods of interpreting and resolving point data in a multiple post series on point display resolutions in AutoCAD Civil 3D. The topic of NOT Keys kept coming up. A couple of folks asked the basic question,

“What is a NOT Key?”

It might be a better question…

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Match Point in Civil 3D

We wrapped up a previous post about the interpreted nature of point data in AutoCAD Civil 3D and the Civil 3D Point Display Priority Strategy with an argument that the Pareto principal, the famous 80 20 Rule, applies to our civil engineering…

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The New Autodesk ReCap Photo Cloud

Last week Autodesk upgraded their Photo-to-3D cloud service product and gave it a new name – Autodesk ReCap Photo. The cloud viewing and sharing version of this app used to be called ReMake. Autodesk changed the name and many critical aspects of what is offered. Hence the rebrand.

Autodesk ReCap Photo is a substantial upgrade…

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The 80 20 Secular Humanist

Perhaps it is no surprise to people that the creator of the Pareto principal, the famous 80 20 Rule, started out his professional career as a civil engineer. Vilfredo Pareto’s name always sounded to me like a fictional mob character out of the Godfather. That’s not so nuts. Pareto was personally obsessed with the…

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Civil 3D Click Managed Resources

The AutoCAD Civil 3D resources structure of the Framework for Civil 3D works pretty well both to package up a whole bunch of diverse resources and to get those power-packed resources deployed, available, and implemented for Civil 3D users quickly. People sometimes email me and ask if they can use the structure.

You bet. I do point out that they can get a cheap copy that…

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