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The Silence and Memorial Day

In my hallway hangs a painting of my father in his AFS dress uniform from World War II. The portrait was painted from a photograph when he was at home after what we would call today a tour. There are no metals on his chest. There is not a bit of braid or a single symbol of rank. The uniform is incredibly plain. I’ve seen the original photo. The artist did not skip the details or embellish anything.


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Civil 3D Change Management Matters

Well-practiced Change Management is a fact of life for the successful business or organization.

If we employ software to do our work, we tend to see Change Management as technology focused. Software vendors and their marketing departments love and foster this perspective. The mantra in the marketplace is pervasive and persuasive. That perspective produces…

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Release 7 for Autodesk Civil 3D 2019

Civil engineers and surveyors know Autodesk makes powerful civil software tools. Civil 3D is big complex software. We all quickly discover there are lots of moving pieces and tons of intimate details involved. No matter what, we’ve got to get all of that detail straight and working well together into an integrated system if we want a truly productive Civil 3D working environment.


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Release 7 for Civil 3D 2019 Details

The development of the Framework Release 7 for Civil 3D 2019 and our Civil 3D Templates and Civil 3D Styles has been a work in progress all year. We released a host of Release 7 AddOns for Civil 3D 2018-2016 at a rate of about one improvement a month. The latest AddOn includes a Better…

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Reprisals and the Civil 3D Batch Save Utility

You gotta love new Autodesk tools. They do tend to make the Civil 3D expert in us become a newbie with a click or two. This happens to me. It happens to you. Sometimes it’s actually the deep dark past, and not the new, that provides the proverbial rock we stumble over. Perhaps this short post about my most recent face plant will spare a few folks this sort of embarrassment and the ever-present specter…

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