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Once upon a time at Autodesk University I delivered a popular CAD Manager track session called People Skills. I think it is safe to say that us techy types often tend to have people and management issues. We tend to want people to behave like software or man-made objects and then they don’t and won’t.

I’m a storyteller. I don’t do standup…

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The Framework for Civil 3D supplies an amazingly detailed and complete set of adaptive and yet fully integrated Survey Codes, Description Key Sets, Points and Figures resolution tools to generate for Civil 3D users and organizations a more productive and much less painful Civil 3D point experience.

Many civil engineering design side people are astonished by the safe bet…

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The common comment I get from new Framework for Civil 3D customers is
“I wish I done this (or found you) sooner.”

That’s kind. We’re not hiding. Almost no one looks for options until the pain, for whatever reasons, comes to their attention. Even then life’s a struggle. Most of us try to fix our problems with what we have in front of us. Makes…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

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Point Wizardry, Surface Wizardry, and these days - Corridor Wizardry are each important and creative aspects of Civil 3D tradecraft. By Civil 3D tradecraft and craftmanship I mean those mission critical skill sets wrenched and painfully derived from the real project work that allow some Civil 3D users to become super productive…

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It’s a pretty good bet that most folk consider Points to be pretty much a survey thing in Civil 3D. It’s even a better bet that these same folks have complaints about Civil 3D’s point display representations, or rather point resolutions. It’s sad but true. Many want and still try and force Civil 3D to behave like Land Desktop, Eagle Point, or some other old school…

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