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The mastery of Points is nothing to take lightly in Autodesk Civil 3D. Like that old saying, “It’s all about location, location, location, Baby.” Points are foundational in the civil engineering and survey professional disciplines. Then your favorite software vendor’s programmers take over.

Points are one of the most overused words in Autodesk Civil 3D speak.…

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Welcome my friends to the show that never ends - The annual Autodesk Right of Spring is upon us. This week Autodesk began marketing the new AutoCAD 2021 and the new AutoCAD 2021 Toolsets. Folks will be dancing around the pole at discreet social distanced intervals. Those spacings and your zoom and pan response will perhaps be determined by measured…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

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The Coronavirus crisis is upon us all. Autodesk officially announced temporary free access to Autodesk Cloud Collaboration Products and some delays and changes to future billing and licensing policies in an effort to somewhat mitigate their customer issues during the crisis. The Autodesk details and official links to more information are listed and linked below.

You have…

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Survey is not Design. Civil engineering Design isn’t public works Operations. Many can argue that modern Operations Engineering is effectively another discipline with different management goals and processes. Infrastructure is expensive to design and build, and more expensive to maintain. Public Works infrastructure is complex, interdepartmental, sometimes inter-agency, and often…

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Hey, maybe the Autodesk Civil development team knew something before we did? If you have to work from home for the next month, Civil 3D Collaboration for BIM 360 Design may suddenly make a lot more sense. This may not happen in your corner of Civil 3D Land this week, but it might sooner rather than later.

I’m pretty sure I’ve already seen Autodesk will help you work…

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