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Here is something serious to consider or maybe that is something to consider seriously? Here’s an intriguing notion about Civil 3D Templates, Civil 3D Styles, and other Civil 3D resources development concerns what we might want to call The Is It Worth it in Civil 3D Paradox.

One side of the Civil 3D development coin says…

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Autodesk officially announced earlier this week a new token-based method of combining Autodesk named account users and daily or occasional use Autodesk software licensing. The new licensing product is called Autodesk Flex. Flex will be available after September 24, 2021.

An Autodesk Flex token is not your…

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Autodesk Civil 3D is a virtual feast of fundamental capabilities for civil engineers and surveyors. We can easily debate whether the resultant Civil 3D complexity is the result of the considerable depth of function built into the software or whether the sheer number of potential Civil 3D workflows is an obstacle to users all by itself.

We could also argue that such attention is unwarranted.…

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Some of us folks watched some inspiring athletic performances during the recent Tokyo Olympic Games. There were many inspiring competitions. It appears that many people apparently opted out and had better things to do than to virtually attend the Olympic broadcast event.

Most of the flagrant woke performances resulted in conflicted press coverage and reduced Olympic viewer…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

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The latest Framework for Civil 3D 2021.3 products officially hit the street this week.
The latest Jump Kit and Templates Only Release 8 products support the Civil 3D tools and features in the recent Autodesk Civil 3D 2021.3 Update.

The increased Liberty to Work in Civil 3D is the fundamental goal…

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