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Each version of every Framework for Civil 3D product contains a useful and powerful Assembly resources library that can deliver substantial production benefits for roadway Corridor design in multiple releases of Autodesk Civil 3D.

The Framework for Civil 3D supports generic AASHTO standards and supplies the necessary Assembly drawing resources…

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Lots of people in Civil 3D Land are truly committed to Feature Line based grading design in Autodesk Civil 3D. Nothing is wrong with that. The Grading Design by Feature Line Heuristic is well understood and employed by most civil engineering and survey professionals. Civil 3D is loaded with useful practical Ribbon tools to help us get ‘er done.…

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It’s not hard to recognize that there’s a march to a new Framework for Civil 3D 2022.1 Update in the works here in Civil 3D Land. We won’t leave Framework customers working in older releases of Civil 3D behind.

The latest Framework for Civil 3D 2021.3 Update products officially hit the street this week.
The latest Jump Kit…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags  Civil 3D 2021, Release 8, Jump Kit, Templates Only, Upgrade, Update

The latest Framework for Civil 3D 2020.6.1 Update products officially hit the street this week.
The latest Jump Kit Release 8 for Civil 3D 2020.6.1 Update has additional new and improved support for the latest Civil 3D tools and features available in the Civil 3D 2020.6.1 Update.

To put it bluntly - The number of Label Style resource drawings in the…

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The Virtual Autodesk University 2021 event is on-going. AU 2021 is free. There is no registration fee for AU 2021. You might want to take advantage of the horde of live and recorded AU 2021 session educational and training content that is available. The virtues of Zoom and other forms of stream aside, a virtual Autodesk University is not the same as the live in-person events of…

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