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Someone called this week and asked if the Framework for Civil 3D supports and/or supplies Reference Templates. Good question. In brief, we supply the resources in the latest Framework for Civil 3D 2019 products. Maybe we should produce and AddOn for 2018 products? In any case you have to choose to employ them and do so effectively.

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Once in another lifetime I received an extraordinary phone call one morning. The caller claimed to be the Business Development Manager for one of the larger multi-national corporate conglomerates in the world. At the time, they weren’t exactly a household name, but the stock market thought differently.

The caller informed me his firm had recently acquired the assets of a large factory located…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

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We say that Civil 3D requires you have a viable working Civil 3D Template (.dwt) that includes a library of Civil 3D Styles when you start a drawing. I might argue that we should consider this dubious advice to be a bit of a deception for the unwary. I certainly don’t want it to be a stone that causes others to stumble. Like the Accuser’s three temptation questions…

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Over time Civil 3D became more flexible about how we can store and manage our project work. That flexibility can make the whole Civil 3D project creation and setup process confusing. Let’s call project creation and the Data Shortcut setup flexible and adaptive and a bit non-intuitive.

The project folder structure you employ is totally up to you. Be aware that project folder structure should…

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