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Let’s face it. Most of the time in Autodesk Civil 3D we all tend to initially shoot for some form of published annotation. It’s an old school CAD User’s habit. Let’s call this the lust for One and Done. For surveyors this may mean Point data out of Survey Dbs. The Lord knows, I hope you have moved beyond imported point files and COGO points to better manage your…

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Happy Election Day America.

I frequently joked this year: “I have more morbidities than lividity.”
Simply put: Death will come sooner or later. Today I am still alive and kicking.

My Morbidities being the predictable result of me living high on the proverbial hog for a good long bit. Purportedly, the now dreaded Corona Virus feasts upon such Morbidities.


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Posted by Tench Tilghman