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Why would some of the largest and most densely populated counties in the US adopt the Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D?

Why would one of the country’s largest cities adopt the Framework as a City CAD Standard?

Why would companies that employ both AutoCAD Civil 3D and Microstation to perform project work find it easier to adopt the Framework?

Why would departments and locations…

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We’re are finishing up the final packaging, pricing, and website updates for the new Release 7 of the Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D. We want our customers to know in advance what will change. That's an effort all by itself.

We simplified the products we offer based on what customers buy. InstantOn becomes…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags  Release 7, Civil 3D 2017, Civil 3D 2016, Civil 3D 2015

The malady is a silent killer of AutoCAD Civil 3D user productivity everywhere. It ignores class, size, and significance. It cares not a whit about reputation, our level of expertise, or our years of professional experience. It’s invisible and pernicious like malnutrition. We must acknowledge that Style Starvation is crisis of what’s not there. A new form of technical scurvy, Style…

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What did Autodesk do in the latest Civil 3D release? Good stuff? Bad stuff? Useless stuff? What do you think?

Civil 3D users cannot count on the potential reality that Autodesk will change their software into what any Civil 3D user wants. No one really expects that. We all hope they will. Users do not choose what Autodesk decides to build and/or fix either in spite of expensive marketing…

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It will come as no surprise to our customers that our Production Solution products for AutoCAD Civil 3D upgrade and run in the latest and greatest AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 release. We’ve successfully guaranteed this and delivered on that promise successfully since AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008. Whoa! All Civil 3D releases are not created equal. We got…

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