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The Coronavirus crisis is upon us all. Autodesk officially announced temporary free access to Autodesk Cloud Collaboration Products and some delays and changes to future billing and licensing policies in an effort to somewhat mitigate their customer issues during the crisis. The Autodesk details and official links to more information are listed and linked below.

You have…

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Survey is not Design. Civil engineering Design isn’t public works Operations. Many can argue that modern Operations Engineering is effectively another discipline with different management goals and processes. Infrastructure is expensive to design and build, and more expensive to maintain. Public Works infrastructure is complex, interdepartmental, sometimes inter-agency, and often…

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If you tool around the cadpilot site, you will discover lots and lots of in-depth Civil 3D content, videos, and help. All the video content produced by other experts on the site is curated. I personally watch and seriously consider the viability of the video content you find here.

If it makes sense, I’ll often add constructive comments on the video in the…

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Do you still manually upgrade each and every Civil 3D template, Civil 3D Style resource drawing, and all your Civil 3D project drawings to a new Civil 3D Update or release? Yuck.

Even if your organization doesn’t quickly upgrade to the latest new Civil 3D release, there will always be Civil 3D Updates you must deal with.…

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Some say Civil 3D creates for us all a struggle between Style management and Style choice.

This statement is a false dichotomy. It’s a straw man argument based on the pretense that more technical control over the details of work correlates to, or is, the same thing as: better management; improved production workflows; and more profitable results.

The One Civil 3D Template…

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