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This spring the cadpilot website zoomed past a couple of significant milestones in Civil 3D Land. Silly Me. I hardly noticed. You know the problem. We all suffer from that head down focus thing when we are trying to get the latest project out the door.

“Honey? Wasn’t that our offramp ?”

At the time the current project is/was the

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One of the essentials earmarks of Mother’s Day, besides the almost mandatory flowers, chocolates, and cards things, are the photos. “Honey. You sit over there. Please, smile.” Most Moms appear to want pictures of everything. Which gets me to wondering about how much of the current cloud and disk space is dedicated to digital photos and videos these days. Whatever size we would hazard to guess, you…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

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The latest and greatest Framework for Civil 3D 2022 products are on the street. Whew. Updates to the the Framework’s backend documentation and website support plays an important part in customer success with the products. We do try to pay attention to the details. I had the pleasure of rewriting the Framework Install instruction PDF to synch those written instructions with the supplied…

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Once more unto the breech, dear friends. A new Civil 3D 2022 is upon us like a tide. Should I quit with the Shakespeare references? Is this simply too much Kingly literary reference for civil engineers and survey folk? Funny. Did not I hear a speech much like King Henry’s just this week? Pomp and masked circumstance signifying what exactly? Churchill’s take was far more apt.


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Phi, Fi, Foe, Fum. I smell the blood of an Englishman. Be he alive, or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make me bread. Like a lot of well-remembered fairy tales, this fantasy giant chant from Jack in the Beanstalk – aka Jack the Giant Killer - tis a bit creepy. Say whot? Ok. If I quoted Shakespeare’s take in King Lear, you’d be equally lost.

What does the growth of magic beans, ancient…

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