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Back at the shack we’ve been busy making improvements to the Release 7 of the Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D. The Framework is already the most awesome Civil 3D templates and Civil 3D styles solution for civil engineers and surveyors on the planet bar none. No one else even comes close. We’ve released 3 new revolutionary…

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Resolutions is an interesting word. If we take the word apart, it contains the plural of the solutions word and the repeat predicate re - to do it again. The classic phrase “New Year’s Resolutions” makes sense. But interested minds want to know, why employ solutions that didn’t work the previous times? Time to resolve not to.


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“You suggested on the phone that I root around in the project dataset that you supply with Jump Kit. You pointed me to example drawings on the phone. These days I don’t expect much from examples supplied by software people like Autodesk. I was pleasantly surprised.

Every time I get stuck in my work I root around in your project and manage to figure out how to make the magic…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags  training, InstantOn, Jump Kit, project, video, deliverables, Release 7

Someone recently asked me to describe our new Release 7 Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D.
In a word Release 7 is…


The new Release 7 of the Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D is all about…

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We make AutoCAD Civil 3D work and work a lot better without resorting to programming code. We don’t modify an install of AutoCAD Civil 3D in any way. We make Autodesk tools usable by supplying a better managed set of complete, integrated, and field tested resources.
Our InstantOn products produce real world civil design and working…

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