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July always reminds me of first steps, moonwalks, and moonlight minds. This makes spatial sense. This month we appear to be on sort of an Export points from AutoCAD Civil 3D bender.
In each Export post I keep meaning to put in the following moonstep but always seem to simply run out of room. So with a savage terrier dog draped across my toes in a state of fan-cooled repose,…

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People call me up and ask important things to them like,

“How many Pipe Label Styles does your product include?”

“Ah…Let’s see. Civil 3D Gravity Pipe systems are really well covered. I lost count. Then again, for example and as a matter of perspective, there are even 360 Pressure Pipe Labels Styles alone supplied in the Framework. They cover every type of…

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What is the economic value of a blog post about something outwardly arcane in AutoCAD Civil 3D? This question sometimes haunts me and all of us who are committed publically to making your Civil 3D workday a bit easier. What’s a 1000 words worth? We deliver. You have to pay attention. Lord knows, I am aware of how hard that is to do.

An updated version of this post with…

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People do complain about the nuance and complexity of AutoCAD Civil 3D annotation. Our annotative work is mission critical to our performance and productivity. The work is on the critical path of the successful delivery of our project. Best we pay attention and acquire the necessary Civil 3D skills.

We’ve been boning up and demystifying…

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There are uncomfortable and unexpected truths squirrelled away in the simplest tasks in AutoCAD Civil 3D. Our CAD to model-based transition means some basic tasks are fundamentally different and seemingly more complex for no apparent reason. Yet a planned complexity can provide us with more bang for the buck and less work in the end. As I pointed out in a previous…

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