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Real quick now - What are the differences between the plethora of Line and Curve Labels in AutoCAD Civil 3D?

Oops! Please do it That Way

Line and Curve Labels

Yep. Some are Civil 3D Feature (object) specific like Alignment, Parcel, and the latest new Figure…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

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In the previous post we talked about some basic issues with Corridor annotation if we rely on Surface Features to generate the annotation. I even proposed a new Surface Group Label that referenced all forms of horizontal control.

In early AutoCAD…

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Our Jump Customers often ask really good questions about tweaking the thousands of Civil 3D Styles we offer.

"Is there a way that you can make the curve label style not show all the 0’s ahead of the degree for the delta of the curve? 
For example, if the delta is 8° 23’ 34”, then it is displaying as 008° 23’ 34”. 
My preference would be to not show all the 0’s before the…

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For reasons that I trust are pretty obvious to all by now, I routinely get lots of questions about AutoCAD Civil 3D Point Styles and their "strange" behaviors.

Not so simple Symbols

The Choices of Confusion

Inside Civil 3D we…

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The process of the massive rebuild, update, and many MANY new Civil 3D Style additions for the Jump 4 AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 is often mind numbing and at times a frustrating task.

All software as complex and ever-changing as AutoCAD Civil 3D has it's "issues" and bugs. I have the unfortunate knack at stumbling upon More than a few that bring the code to its knees. What was the tag line for…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

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