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Folk complain that AutoCAD Civil 3D is not really user friendly about Site Design. The complaint is true if you insist that site design in Civil 3D should be like it was for years in Land Desktop. Unfortunately, about the only thing Civil 3D has in common with Land Desktop is it’s use of similar but historically deceptive Ribbon names such as Surface, Grading, Parcel, and Alignment.


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Does the color of anything in AutoCAD Civil 3D matter? You bet. Color is fascinating if you’re a neuroscience geek like me. Color affects all of us. If you’re personally stuck in the old .CTB mindset to produce work. You must be fixated on it. I could prove that CTB color obsession occupies an inordinate part of your CAD workday. You wouldn’t believe me. STB gives us a lot more liberty to employ…

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The Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D employs a rule-based method to establish Layer Standards. We made significant improvements to that in our Release 6 upgrade last year. I’ve talked previously about our Layer Standards Spreadsheet…

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Our Production Solution InstantOn products include our fabulous Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tool. We allow our customers to employ Microsoft Excel (a tool you already know) and a little bit of easy to learn basic AutoCAD skill to produce just about any standardized Layer scheme for their AutoCAD Civil 3D. Yes. It the tool works for AutoCAD Map3D and even raw AutoCAD…

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The new Release 6 of the Production Solution products includes better Layers and much improved Layer Standards Management tools. Yes. That means more real-world user productivity in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016.

The Freedom to Make Civil 3D Work

A new Overview video is now available from the Video Training page that reviews…

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