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One of the great things about AutoCAD Civil 3D is that there are lots of ways to get things done. One of the worst things about Civil 3D is that there are lots of ways to get things done. The power of the Civil 3D Data Behind, the Clout of Style, and this dichotomy is often exemplified by how (well) we employ annotative Label Style.

Substance and Style


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AutoCAD Civil 3D is stuffed like a platter of Football Playoff Day nachos with an overwhelming number of ways and tools to manipulate our civil engineering and survey data. I’ve said it before. In Civil 3D it pays to ask the question:

“What Do You Watch?
It’s All About that Data Behind.”

Happy New Year! Get that mojo workin’. To get more from what we have we must think outside…

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July always reminds me of first steps, moonwalks, and moonlight minds. This makes spatial sense. This month we appear to be on sort of an Export points from AutoCAD Civil 3D bender.
In each Export post I keep meaning to put in the following moonstep but always seem to simply run out of room. So with a savage terrier dog draped across my toes in a state of fan-cooled repose,…

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People do complain about the nuance and complexity of AutoCAD Civil 3D annotation. Our annotative work is mission critical to our performance and productivity. The work is on the critical path of the successful delivery of our project. Best we pay attention and acquire the necessary Civil 3D skills.

We’ve been boning up and demystifying…

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A point is a point is a point. Along came Civil 3D and turned all this simple stuff on its head. The idea was to make the whole point symbols and label thing more useful, less time consuming, and much more flexible. Down came the rain and washed the spider out.

It’s fair to say that most people said, You’ve got to be kidding.

Annotative Madness


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