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There is a synergistic trinity of powertools available in the latest Release 7 update for Civil 3D 2019.1. We should consider that Civil 3D Project Templates, Reference Templates, and Project Placeholders are a powerful and productive triad. If we use them together, we get more project productivity than the sum of the parts. To…

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The best companies that employ Civil 3D plan and manage their projects for creation, maintenance, and deliverables success. It is easy to mouth these conceptual platitudes. Are they AU bumper stickers? The work reminds me of Labor Day. We must acknowledge that the continuous development discipline and work is hard to do. The fixes are emotionally hard to keep doing. This is why the results of that…

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Someone called this week and asked if the Framework for Civil 3D supports and/or supplies Reference Templates. Good question. In brief, we supply the resources in the latest Framework for Civil 3D 2019 products. Maybe we should produce and AddOn for 2018 products? In any case you have to choose to employ them and do so effectively.

Quality People Time


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Civil engineers and surveyors know Autodesk makes powerful civil software tools. Civil 3D is big complex software. We all quickly discover there are lots of moving pieces and tons of intimate details involved. No matter what, we’ve got to get all of that detail straight and working well together into an integrated system if we want a truly productive Civil 3D working environment.


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Our challenge as Civil 3D users and Civil 3D Standards managers is often to proactively discover inventive ways to make the imperfect productive.

The recent AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018.2 Update seems to have broken parts of the Attach Reference Template dialog box and Manage Referenced Settings panel functionality.

Whoop-de-do. I do admit…

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