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I swear even before we finished uploading The Jump Kit 4 2011 product download I got the "What's in there?" question in an email from a prospective Jump Kit customer. It's great that people are excited about the new Release 4 Jump Kit. I am too. Here's a couple of useful links for you: 

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I've posted before on the NCS Layer Standards, STB vs CTB, and Project Management. All of these generated…

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The Jump Platform's construction toolkit for Template Construction and Customization

The Jump Kit 4 AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 is now available for purchase and download.

Jump Start Services customers have immediate access to the new Jump Kit 4 2011.

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The May issue of AUGI World came out today. It's a bit late but worth the weight.

The issue contains an article I was asked to write on AutoCAD Civil 3D Implementation.

You can download AUGI World at the link below 


The Right Stuff


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The AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 Style Tools make my day. If you have to take care of Civil 3D Style and Civil 3D model Templates for yourself or others, I KNOW that will be true for you too. But even with these new 

Magic Buttons of Style

We still have that ETERNAL and EVERLASTING problem...

Where is the KNOWN Good?

We have this thing we call "CAD…

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