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Someone asked how can we to get a start employing Reference Templates in our civil engineering and survey projects in Civil 3D. What the heck. We have XREFs and DREFs. What’s not to like about Civil 3D TREFs? I prefer the TREF shorthand. Maybe it could be REFT so as not to confuse the unwary. REFT just looks like someone misspelled LEFT. Not so…

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If we employ Civil 3D, we need to understand there is a tension - a difference between our Preference and Production Performance. We build and maintain our Civil 3D Standards to improve our ability to communicate complex ideas and information to others consistently. We also recognize that there are important collaboration and/or project team considerations at play…

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One great advantage of Style-based software is the simultaneous increased consistency and flexibility that Style brings to the table. These days given the will and the skill you can make a Civil 3D Style, Civil 3D Label Style, or Civil 3D Label Set do almost anything a user could think of with the Civil 3D data behind.  

The downside to this abstraction of a complex set…

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Autodesk has AutoCAD users well trained. You buy the product and then immediately begin customizing the product to meet your needs. We expect this. We accept this. With the One AutoCAD 2019 release you’ll get the classic Autodesk AutoCAD-based vertical solutions now called Toolsets. You’ll have to customize the Toolset to make that work too. Perhaps the new Toolset

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Someone asked me this week what I think about the new AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017. I quickly replied,

“It’s about time…
Your time. My time. Every Civil 3D user’s time.”

Time will also tell whether the many new and powerful forms of reference poured out in Civil 3D 2017 stay stable in complex production level projects. They must to be successful. I expect with proper…

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