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I often get variations of questions surrounding Best Fit Alignments and Best Fit Profiles. Both are really useful AutoCAD Civil 3D commands particularly when you have gathered Survey data and must supply something that delivers and documents the real world. One of my favorite questions:

How am I supposed to create a Best Fit Profile?
The command…

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I hope you’ve enjoyed my man in the straw hat posts. Ain’t history a little fun? We’ll get back to that tale of western tales real soon now.

This spring Autodesk finally put Land Desktop to rest forever - from their perspective anyway. Some folks must stumble and stagger into AutoCAD Civil 3D. I suggest they buy an InstantOn since it solves most of the upgrade problems…

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It took 20 days for the first Hot Fix to appear for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013. This one didn't surprise me a bit any more than it took almost 23 days for someone to comment of Chris Fugitt's ritualized April Fool's new fake product feature post for AutoCAD Civil 3D this year.

Yeah. Either the Map folks or the…

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No release of AutoCAD Civil 3D would be complete without some new Surface creation and edit updates. AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 is no exception. Surfaces in 2013 deserve a Civil 3D blog post or two of their own. We can be both more indirect or direct about our “data” references in Surface Features. Huh?

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Points are not the Simple Stupid things they were in Land Desktop or other old AutoCAD based CAD apps. They have evolved and morphed to much More capable Features inside AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012.

Unnerving My Point Is

Points About Points


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