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You have a classic Civil 3D Template that works. You are just about already good to go with a simple TREF implementation using the Reference Template Tool. What’s a TREF? In Civil 3D we know all about and employ XREFs (external reference drawing files), DREFs (Data references to the Civil 3D data behind), and IREFs…

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Got Mr Fusion. Are you ready to travel? Did you blow dry this morning?
To quote the Bay Area 80’s jazz funk by Huey Lewis and the News from Back in Time

“All I wanted to do, was play my guitar and sing”

Geez. I hate to admit that I almost bit off more than I could chew this spring. I set out the clean up the humongous Style…

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Someone asked how can we to get a start employing Reference Templates in our civil engineering and survey projects in Civil 3D. What the heck. We have XREFs and DREFs. What’s not to like about Civil 3D TREFs? I prefer the TREF shorthand. Maybe it could be REFT so as not to confuse the unwary. REFT just looks like someone misspelled LEFT. Not so…

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