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There are a good number of things about AutoCAD Civil 3D Label Styles that may eclipse our previous notions about civil engineering and survey annotation.  The path of totality in Civil 3D grants us all significant access to the data behind the many Features – That list of many things inside the Civil 3D Toolspace. These nuanced opportunities deliver to us the format…

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For understandable reasons I am often involved in Textstyle and AutoCAD Civil 3D Label Style discussions. A common one is about the simplex.shx font versus the Windows Arial Truetype font specified for use in the National CAD Standard and the ISO specifications. Specifically how that relates to named textstyles employed in AutoCAD Civil 3D templates and AutoCAD Civil 3D Styles.

The debate…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags Style, Style Management, text, Text Component Editor, textstyle

Our Jump Customers often ask really good questions about tweaking the thousands of Civil 3D Styles we offer.

"Is there a way that you can make the curve label style not show all the 0’s ahead of the degree for the delta of the curve? 
For example, if the delta is 8° 23’ 34”, then it is displaying as 008° 23’ 34”. 
My preference would be to not show all the 0’s before the…

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