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Autodesk released the first Service Pack for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 a couple of weeks ago. I get the usual calls, “Is SP1 ok?” “Is the Service Pack for Civil 3D 2014 good to go?” “Did they fix _____?” Please, fill in your favorite Civil 3D aggravation. Other SPs for C3D…

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Whew! I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I labored doing website software upgrades.

Silly me

I put these mandatory maintenance issues off for longer than I should have. I unfortunately waited until things started to break. Then I did a bunch of updates in a rush. That caused me to have to learn too much too fast. Sound familiar?
Delay until breakage is not the…

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In August the President and Congress take a vacation on your taxpayer dime. They happily leave the country’s problems on the back burner for a bit. You can count on the fact they  play a round or two, have a few rounds, or just get more round.

As to the term – “august assembly” - the term does sound pompous. However, it is quite appropriate.
“August” in this usage isn’t exactly derived…

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One of the major benefits of our Jump Production Solutions products is that we make upgrades from one release of AutoCAD Civil 3D to another much more painless. That ease of upgrade doesn’t just include the templates we supply that includes your working Project drawings created from templates too.

We Do the Nasty (Work) so You Don’t Have To


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Happy New Year

Er well sort of...

Help I Think I'm Falling

Some things we all like put off too long. Some things we must put off. Some things we just want to put off.

I'm really not any different than anyone else in these matters I suppose.
I'd like the world to slow down to my pace so I don't have to rebuild my world and completely relearn how I work.


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