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We must work within the current AutoCAD and Civil 3D limitations no matter what we wish for. This has been a serious Civil 3D adoption issue for way too many folks over the years.
Why doesn’t Civil 3D work like what I expect it should?

If you like, you can call my previous post a rant or a HSSPHI (How to Steal Something…

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I’m not sure whether to laugh hysterically or cry uncontrollably. No, my on-going personal trauma is not about the Green New Deal which I think I’ve aptly renamed to HSSPHI -
How to Steal Something and Pretend to Help the Ignorant.

HSSPHI is pronounced…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

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Let’s face it. Most of the time we all tend to initially shoot for some form of published annotation. It’s a habit. For surveyors this means data out of Survey Dbs. The Lord knows, I hope you have moved beyond imported point files to better manage your survey data behind. You Civil 3D design folks heard that too? For civil engineers this often also means linear design stuff that needs to be annotated.


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The Plan Production tools for AutoCAD Civil 3D have been around for many releases. They work as advertised, if you have a prepared plan. That implied warning is even built into the name. It follows ViewFrame Groups and their collected Frames are about publication. Some of their features and benefits are pretty restricted by their programmed genetics.

Are ViewFrame…

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What the heck is an Alignment based Point Group? What? You’ve never had to produce Plan and Profile sheets? Aren’t there lots of points you have to label and or symbolize relative to those View Frames slapped down along an Alignment? Sure View based Styles and Label Styles help a lot.

The Long and Winding Road

You know that’s not enough. You’ve all face this…

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