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As we approach Thanksgiving and Autodesk University 2011 it's good to remember to

Learn From the Tale of the Turkey

The skeptic philosopher Nassim Nicoloas Taleb explores many aspects of our human quandary in his book The Black Swan – The Impact of the HIGHLY IMPROBABLE.

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If you don't know who John McCarthy is, you should.

Go Find Out and Be Amazed 

Tom's post this week on Without a Net reminded me More than just…

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It seems to be my week, month, and year to experience the

New Customer Service

You know what this is. I'll bet you are getting the same thing everyday. I hope not. But is seems to be a growing part of the New Economy. Friday the 13th (which we remember because of the end of the Order of the Templers) seemed an appropriate day to talk about it.

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While our attention is focused on the annual Autodesk Right of Spring - Autodesk 2012 product rollouts, Microsoft has released Office 365 into public beta. As one independent reviewer put it,

Microsoft Office 365 embarrasses Google


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A politician, a lawyer and a banker walk into a bar together. They sit down and the bartender pours them all a top shelf drink for free.

They ask, "Why did you do that?"

The bartender and owner says, "I know you all. It's cheaper than the alternative..."

Along with 110 million other people I watched the Super Bowl with my family and friends. Like a lot of…

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