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MoreCompetency released an AddOn to Parcels and Alignments for Release 5 Jump Kit customers who run the AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 and Civil 3D 2014 releases this week.

The AddOn brings up some classic AutoCAD Civil 3D quandaries that the capabilities of Style are so helpful to resolve for us all.

Don’t Be Eroded

We performed…

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Lots of us must output sections. Sometimes it’s a single section; sometimes that means pages and pages of sections. There’s certainly no doubt that Section View production and specifically Section annotation is one of the more complex tasks in AutoCAD Civil 3D (lots of posts about Civil 3D sections here).


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Posted by Tench Tilghman

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In the previous post we talked about Line and Curve Labels which are a pretty fundamental annotative object and task in AutoCAD Civil 3D. We covered the basic edit and create functions and some other more tricky stuff.  We learned that a Line & Curve Label is simple and flexible.

Where’s Your  Focus?

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Real quick now - What are the differences between the plethora of Line and Curve Labels in AutoCAD Civil 3D?

Oops! Please do it That Way

Line and Curve Labels

Yep. Some are Civil 3D Feature (object) specific like Alignment, Parcel, and the latest new Figure…

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In the previous post we talked about some basic issues with Corridor annotation if we rely on Surface Features to generate the annotation. I even proposed a new Surface Group Label that referenced all forms of horizontal control.

In early AutoCAD…

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