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We continue to chisel away at the nuances of Civil 3D Label Style method and practice - The art of annotation in Autodesk Civil 3D matters to us all. Some of that pound and grind is similar to the removal of the sculptural whitepace from the original blocks of marble that became Michelangelo’s David or Madonna and Child. Do we need Label Style structural…

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Our annotative work is mission critical to our performance and productivity in Autodesk Civil 3D. People do complain about the nuance and complexity of Civil 3D annotation. The work is on the mission critical path of the successful execution of the multiple deliverable sets of any civil engineering or survey project. Best we pay attention and acquire…

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In the previous post we talked about Line and Curve Labels which are a pretty fundamental annotative object and task in AutoCAD Civil 3D. We covered the basic edit and create functions and some other more tricky stuff.  We learned that a Line & Curve Label is simple and flexible.

Where’s Your  Focus?

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

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