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Cycle the Focus Skill in Civil 3D

You could argue that all of the consideration of workflows in Civil 3D is merely a result of the considerable depth of function built into the software. Civil 3D does have a virtual feast of inherent capability for civil engineers and surveyors.

You could also argue that this attention is unwarranted. The emphasis is only necessary because of the strange mix of old and new interface design…

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The Civil 3D Hierarchy Rules

There are a formal sets of dualities built into AutoCAD Civil 3D. Whether we perceive or employ these model-based software pairings for our benefit is another matter altogether. Every Civil 3D user struggles with these dualities to one degree or another. Frankly, it’s even a bit difficult to talk about them in Civil 3D without being a bit confusing. You can end up sounding like…

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The Civil 3D Simple Style Rules

Every once in a while a new Framework for Civil 3D customer calls and asks why we put the “- JS” at the end of all the Framework Style names. This simple suffix device serves a very significant purpose and help to answer the first most important question about using and customizing AutoCAD Civil 3D…

“How do you know the difference…

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Civil 3D Bullets in the Buckets

We discussed the term Bucket and the concepts of mini-buckets to make AutoCAD Civil 3D Features a bit easier to understand in the recent Civil 3D Production Buckets post. We discovered that there are What, How, When, and Model buckets to Civil 3D Features. There are important…

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Civil 3D Production Buckets

The production mechanics of AutoCAD Civil 3D’s interconnected and project-based Dynamic Model is powerful. It can be overwhelming. Maybe we all aren’t so clear what that means at a practical and daily work level.

Long time CAD users are faced with a daunting certainty when they are confronted by Civil 3D. The simple world of basic CAD primitives is replaced by things that…

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