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A government agency IT person called the other day and asked if we could sell him the Civil 3D Coordinate System Transformation Tool. One of his Civil 3D users pointed him to this site of the Framework for Civil 3D for some reason. Maybe the user watched a video?

Good news. I was happy to explain that the coordinate system transformation

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Autodesk released the usual collection of Extensions and Utilities for Autodesk Civil 3D 2023 this week. The Civil 3D Extensions and Toolbox Utilities do tend to make the week prior to Memorial Day weekend interesting. These important tools are something we must wait for each year here in Civil 3D Land.

Of course, the most significant addition…

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For reasons that remain even a mystery even to me, this month has been a collection of large-scale project questions and answers. Everyone who called seemed to have a larger and more complex project in the works. They were all head down in the practical details of large SurveyDb projects or big lidar point cloud data sets coupled in their projects with lots of connected models delivered in various…

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Grid to ground in Civil 3D Survey is a hard corundum. It must be Ruby Tuesday. Say What?
Wait a minute. Isn’t today Thursday?

Dude. Ruby Tuesday is a reference to an old Rolling Stones tune.
They say the song is about the woman who left Keith Richards for Jimi Hendrix.
Hotter licks seemed to matter back then.
A corundum is a mineral, a crystal, a stone - aka a ruby.  Read more

Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags  coordinate system, survey db, Survey, grid