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Before Autodesk University I posted about how to Stop the Intersection Wizard to create multiple interconnected Intersections in Civil 3D. Did you miss it? Our goal there was a Complex Corridor – a related and interconnected corridor model built and managed in part by Intersections.

I like to call the Intersection the Design Control Supervisor

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One of the more interesting aspects of life is that the things we at first do not understand lead us directly to unexpected and new forms of often useful enlightenment. Sadly, this does not happen for everyone all the time. The current bemused ramblings of leftist political pundits comes to mind.
Changing our perspective takes real work. Understandably that’s something most of us often seem to…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags feature line, priority, site parcel, site design, parcel, corridor, surface, video

What is the economic value of a blog post about something outwardly arcane in AutoCAD Civil 3D? This question sometimes haunts me and all of us who are committed publically to making your Civil 3D workday a bit easier. What’s a 1000 words worth? We deliver. You have to pay attention. Lord knows, I am aware of how hard that is to do.

An updated version of this post with…

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Folk complain that AutoCAD Civil 3D is not really user friendly about Site Design. The complaint is true if you insist that site design in Civil 3D should be like it was for years in Land Desktop. Unfortunately, about the only thing Civil 3D has in common with Land Desktop is it’s use of similar but historically deceptive Ribbon names such as Surface, Grading, Parcel, and Alignment.


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Feature Line Baselines in Corridors are a big deal in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017. I also like the basic cleanups in corridors with angular horizontal control. It’s been a long wait for them. Technically, I wish Autodesk had implemented them differently and gone the extra mile. Here’s a brain bender. What’s the difference between a Feature…

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