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Autodesk released the AutoCAD Civil 3D 2019.3 Update. This third, and perhaps the final, Update for Civil 3D 2019 basically includes major fixes to Data Shortcuts, the Subassembly Composer (SAC), the Traverse Editor, and many other related fix it updates for Civil 3D 2019. A detailed listing from the readme is included below.

The AutoCAD Civil 3D 2019.3 Update is…

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The original Civil 3D development team initially refused allow us all to employ the available and built in Property Set Style definition tools in Civil 3D for many releases. We endured something like ten releases of Civil 3D without it. Arrrgh. A few of us Civil 3D developers asked. What’s the problem?

To build and employ Property Sets Civil 3D users would…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

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Go ask Alice. The Civil 3D installs of resources for the Framework for Civil 3D isn’t difficult. Things thankfully do not change much release to release and update to update. The detail can be confused (or loco or local) as we must roam around in the Windows Sea of Security Screams.

Many others and I call the default AutoCAD install resource paths the Rabbit Hole.…

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Once you have a well-managed set of Civil 3D Styles and Civil 3D Template resources, there are a host of other production man-hour improvement tools available for you to employ inside Civil 3D. Many folks overlook the very tools that Civil 3D and Windows supply to do that. The time you invest to improve your Civil 3D Project Templates, their structure, and their detailed contents…

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There is a synergistic trinity of powertools available in the latest Release 7 update for Civil 3D 2019.1. We should consider that Civil 3D Project Templates, Reference Templates, and Project Placeholders are a powerful and productive triad. If we use them together, we get more project productivity than the sum of the parts. To…

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