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Folk complain that AutoCAD Civil 3D is not really user friendly about Site Design. The complaint is true if you insist that site design in Civil 3D should be like it was for years in Land Desktop. Unfortunately, about the only thing Civil 3D has in common with Land Desktop is it’s use of similar but historically deceptive Ribbon names such as Surface, Grading, Parcel, and Alignment.


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Want to be a civil engineering design wizard in AutoCAD Civil 3D? You must master the Intersection Wizard. The Intersection Wizard sits atop the magic design control tower in Civil 3D. The way to the top seems to go around and around.

That means you must have established a mastery over the Civil 3D Design Control Manager – the Alignment

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

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This larger topic of Civil 3D Alignments is a serial and long-term effort. Are there other forms of horizontal control inside of AutoCAD Civil 3D? You bet. For example: the features and tools in Civil 3D Survey are all about the survey and point based side of that. Survey is not something to ignore even if you only do civil engineering design. Are not your points and lines…

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Does it help to go to the end of things to discover how to make a better beginning?

We’ve been talking about the Alignment as the Design Control Manager for AutoCAD Civil 3D. The principals and concepts of Publish on…

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What does an Alignment do in AutoCAD Civil 3D? That’s a loaded question. It pays to consider the doing of Alignment Features in C3D carefully. If we’ve used old-school, legacy CAD for a long time, we probably have some misconceptions about Alignments in Civil 3D. Autodesk invested a lot in their Alignment beast. That old familiar word is more sophisticated and more nuanced in meaning these…

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