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Last week Autodesk upgraded their Photo-to-3D cloud service product and gave it a new name – Autodesk ReCap Photo. The cloud viewing and sharing version of this app used to be called ReMake. Autodesk changed the name and many critical aspects of what is offered. Hence the rebrand.

Autodesk ReCap Photo is a substantial upgrade…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

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Suitable social keywords aside, might there be a space these days where approaches to collusion could be a good thing? We have more than a few glossy objects in motion in civil engineering and survey space to consider right now.

Reflections and Historical Futures

The new Infraworks 2018 Update 1,…

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I want you to consider and have some fun with the following thoughts.

Beware of people who want to scare you about these powerful new “surveillance” technologies. They want you to confuse intention with reality and therefore confuse your sense of the expected with the unexpected. Huh?

Intent and Accusation

“They are out to get us all.”

The favorite new…

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