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I hope you’ve enjoyed my man in the straw hat posts. Ain’t history a little fun? We’ll get back to that tale of western tales real soon now.

This spring Autodesk finally put Land Desktop to rest forever - from their perspective anyway. Some folks must stumble and stagger into AutoCAD Civil 3D. I suggest they buy an InstantOn since it solves most of the upgrade problems…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

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Earlier this week I wrote a post on the concept of employing NOT Keys in Description Key matches. Hopefully, you'll spend a few minutes scratching you head and consider how NOT Keys might help you and your organization. Someone asked for a bit More clarity...

A Simple NOT Key Structure for Manholes

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We're hard at work wrapping up the packaging for a new Jump 4 InstantOn Survey product. A bunch of people asked for it. 
They think a huge set of preconfigured Description Keys, a Description Key Set collection, with linked Point Styles (based on known National Standards), the matching Figure Prefixes, Figure Styles, etc might be of use to a few organizations.…

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