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We talked Civil 3D gone wild recently. We explored our ability to improve our daily productivity by the use of repetitive patterns and the logical NOT tool in our Survey Codes, Description Keys, and Point Group definitions in the post NOT Keys in Civil 3D.

The practical realities of Not Key patterns

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We wrapped up a previous post about the interpreted nature of point data in AutoCAD Civil 3D and the Civil 3D Point Display Priority Strategy with an argument that the Pareto principal, the famous 80 20 Rule, applies to our civil engineering…

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A couple of months ago I received a surprising comment from a new Framework for Civil 3D customer. The firm is a pretty typical regional civil engineering and survey firm with multiple offices. They have a wide-ranging professional portfolio that seems to span a good number of common civil disciplines.

The folks in the AEC firm have been using Civil 3D since release 2012.…

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Let’s to take a moment for a brief, but important, aside before we pursue our discussion of a numeric Code conversion in InstantOn Survey for AutoCAD Civil 3D. Last time I made reference to Not Keys and BESTWay figures as Production Solution methods we can employ to reduce to our man-hour costs in field gathering.  


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This is the fourth post in a series about Point Display Strategies and Tactics in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Point Display Strategies - Part 1
Two Paths Out of the Woods - Part 2
The Point Director Method - Part 3
Point to My Match in Civil 3D - Part 4

A Host of Matchmakers at Work


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