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We released the latest and greatest version of the Framework for Civil 3D Codes Spreadsheet Tool this week. The Codes Tool is intentionally both Civil 3D and Framework release agnostic. We are talking about managing the Codes we employ to gather and annotate locations in Civil 3D. The language that we employ to talk about locations (the Codes) doesn’t care about…

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The Framework for Civil 3D includes a powerful Survey Codes Spreadsheet Tool. The tool is a favorite of many Framework customers. The Codes Tool is employed to externally manage and maintain both Survey and Design Codes that may be employed in Descriptions Keys, Description Key Sets, Figure Prefix Db, Survey Queries, Point Group definitions, and even Civil 3D Corridor…

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There are all kinds of useful videos, help docs, and even products out there in Civil 3D Land to help us pull-off all the many powerful things with Civil 3D Description Keys and Civil 3D Description Key Sets. I’ve been known to take part in all the blather. People sometimes ask what to do first.

Odds are whatever Description Key Set customization…

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Folks who want or need to employ the Survey functionality in Autodesk Civil 3D tend to appreciate the Framework for Civil 3D. The words deep, robust, and adaptive say it all. You might call those powerful survey and civil engineering resources - features with benefits. Our preference has consequence and accountability that this humorous allusion…

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I had a government customer send me some sample survey data. They wanted some customized Production Solution product. Along the way I asked him if he used the Figure Prefix Db functionality in Survey in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

“We don’t need that. It’s a waste of time for us.”


Their simple municipal roadway data produced…

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