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The Coronavirus crisis is upon us all. Autodesk officially announced temporary free access to Autodesk Cloud Collaboration Products and some delays and changes to future billing and licensing policies in an effort to somewhat mitigate their customer issues during the crisis. The Autodesk details and official links to more information are listed and linked below.

You have…

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Some say AutoCAD Civil 3D Parcels are a bitch. Parcels can run in packs like wolves. Last time we learned that the attached Parcel segment can perform the functions of the Alpha bitch in a wolf pack. She’ll try to keep the puppies in order.
These days we have “dog whisperers”.
As far as I know there have been few wolf whisperers in history since the bros Romulus and…

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Software hopefully grows more intuitive. AutoCAD Civil 3D’s interface is better at it than the not so model-based software of the past. Features must behave in a more consistent and predictable way by definition. However “intuitive” means different things to different people. A change of context can be befuddling to the best of us.

We Don't Know When to Look for Directions

I ran…

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