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Suppose you want to label flow lines in your roadway plan, ditch center-line elevations, or the top or bottom of a bank. Conceptually, suppose you want to evaluate grades across an existing site to figure out how to terrace the latest parking lot surface beast. The simple answer: Create an Alignment; Apply a Label Set; Grab the labels; Point the Label References built into a Civil…

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For reasons unknown I got a recent rash of questions about Civil 3D Label behavior when you employ XREFs. You do know you can label Civil 3D features from XREFs, don’t you?
Autodesk hasn’t really updated this functionality lately.
Yes. There are some weird things about it that can trip up the unwary.

Where is 0,0,0?

It seems reasonable to most folks that two drawings…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags XREF, alignment, group labels, Label Style, video

What is the economic value of a blog post about something outwardly arcane in AutoCAD Civil 3D? This question sometimes haunts me and all of us who are committed publically to making your Civil 3D workday a bit easier. What’s a 1000 words worth? We deliver. You have to pay attention. Lord knows, I am aware of how hard that is to do.

An updated version of this post with…

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People do complain about the nuance and complexity of AutoCAD Civil 3D annotation. Our annotative work is mission critical to our performance and productivity. The work is on the critical path of the successful delivery of our project. Best we pay attention and acquire the necessary Civil 3D skills.

We’ve been boning up and demystifying…

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What does an Alignment do in AutoCAD Civil 3D? That’s a loaded question. It pays to consider the doing of Alignment Features in C3D carefully. If we’ve used old-school, legacy CAD for a long time, we probably have some misconceptions about Alignments in Civil 3D. Autodesk invested a lot in their Alignment beast. That old familiar word is more sophisticated and more nuanced in meaning these…

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