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I’ve been hard at work improving the site access to more helpful and useful information about AutoCAD Civil 3D. The ever-growing and special Members section has a new and free Civil 3D Documentation and Help section where we’ve gathered together some of the Most Important Things to help users get their bang for the buck in Civil 3D. Yeah. There's a reason we host…

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The Jump on Civil 3D blog is one of the longest running and deepest resources that covers the complex diva that is AutoCAD Civil 3D. The odds are today you may not need the knowledge, skill, and wisdom in this particular post. Search the blog and you shall find. This post is the exception to the rule.


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Each week I do a FREE and LIVE training webcast (webinar) on some topic AutoCAD Civil 3D.

A hearty THANK YOU to all of you who attend, ask questions, and even point out my bad speaking habits (Right). Some catch what I did wrong at point A in these LIVE presentations. I'm blessed you are thinking and paying attention. That's what the webinars are there for.

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Civil 3D Features and their built in Tooltips can be really helpful. One of my favorite improvements in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 is the fact that the Tooltips are generally much more refined. In older releases, you could easily be overwhelmed by Tooltip feedback from every Feature in the neighborhood.

These days you have to mouseover something visible to get Civil 3D Feature tooltip feedback.

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