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The Autodesk version of March Madness begins. Any day now the latest release of AutoCAD 2023 will hit the street. The Autodesk 2023 release is sure to provide us with productivity improvements. ACAD 2023 will ship with the usual collection of specialized AutoCAD Toolsets. Did you know that there are seven AutoCAD Toolsets? Can you name them?


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Each month I receive a bunch of emails that seek help and support for Civil 3D user issues and problems.  For any Civil 3D product maker and Civil 3D expert that work comes with the territory.  When you put up the shingle, folks are going to call. Each query deserves a thoughtful response. I am notorious for my WTMI email responses.

The Members section of the CadPilot

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Autodesk Civil 3D is a virtual feast of fundamental capabilities for civil engineers and surveyors. We can easily debate whether the resultant Civil 3D complexity is the result of the considerable depth of function built into the software or whether the sheer number of potential Civil 3D workflows is an obstacle to users all by itself.

We could also argue that such attention is unwarranted.…

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This spring the cadpilot website zoomed past a couple of significant milestones in Civil 3D Land. Silly Me. I hardly noticed. You know the problem. We all suffer from that head down focus thing when we are trying to get the latest project out the door.

“Honey? Wasn’t that our offramp ?”

At the time the current project is/was the

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Do we ask the right questions about Civil 3D and how we use it?
By definition…Probably not. We human beings tend to not ask questions about what we believe we already know how to do. We rely too much on habit. We could call this the human autopilot. The autopilot works 95%+ of the time. Our brains spend a good deal of invisible time behind the scenes working on those building those structures…

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