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Autodesk Civil 3D is a virtual feast of fundamental capabilities for civil engineers and surveyors. We can easily debate whether the resultant Civil 3D complexity is the result of the considerable depth of function built into the software or whether the sheer number of potential Civil 3D workflows is an obstacle to users all by itself.

We could also argue that such attention is unwarranted.…

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Inside AutoCAD Civil 3D we have to remember to consciously readjust your focus. The classic defensive driving “cycle” metaphor works - Window>> Review Mirror>> Side Mirror>> Speedometer>> Window.

Civil 3D Driver Training

In Civil 3D, we should replace that basic pattern with Screen>>Ribbon>>Command Line>>Toolspace>>Screen.  I’d argue the screen

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Lately I’ve been given the privilege of training a bunch of folks in AutoCAD Civil 3D who never used any Autodesk CAD product before. Some employed other CAD software and/or CAD like software. Some never even used CAD in any form before. They still got their civil and survey work done. They did without. Now they’re excited about the new possibilities before them.

They have an unexpected…

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One of my favorite AutoCAD interface tweaks remains palette rollover transparency which you can set for one or all palettes in your interface.

Reclaim More Work Space

A transparent Alignment Editor out of Rollover 


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A few days ago I posted about the use of Light and Dark Backgrounds in Civil 3D.

This following interesting factoids about color publishing of exhibits and the other ACAD palette particulars came as a comment to that post. But comments to blogs do not always get always get read.

Another note: the default…

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