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There are uncomfortable and unexpected truths squirrelled away in the simplest annotative tasks in Autodesk Civil 3D. Model-based software means some basic tasks are fundamentally different and more complex for seemingly no apparent reason. There is a reason as we shall see.

Indeed, some planned and managed complexity can provide us with more bang for the…

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Let’s face it. Most of the time in Autodesk Civil 3D we all tend to initially shoot for some form of published annotation. It’s an old school CAD User’s habit. Let’s call this the lust for One and Done. For surveyors this may mean Point data out of Survey Dbs. The Lord knows, I hope you have moved beyond imported point files and COGO points to better manage your…

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Another one of the truly maddening terms in Autodesk Civil 3D is that Reference word. Maybe Reference is not quite as confusing in Civil 3D as the word Point. But Reference appears to come close. We have External References, Data References, file references, and even Reference Templates. I could go on.

For reasons that may…

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We can make the annotation of Complex Corridors in Autodesk Civil 3D faster, better, and more consistent. A Complex Corridor is one of those Multiple Baseline beasties (or beauties) that can model our design solutions more effectively.

Autodesk invests seriously on improving the Civil 3D Corridor engine’s capabilities. Today, Civil 3D users to can grade…

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Some say Civil 3D creates for us all a struggle between Style management and Style choice.

This statement is a false dichotomy. It’s a straw man argument based on the pretense that more technical control over the details of work correlates to, or is, the same thing as: better management; improved production workflows; and more profitable results.

The One Civil 3D Template…

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