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The neuroscience behind how we visually identify details in the complexity of the world around us is fascinating stuff. Somehow our brains can and do make sense out of nonsense…or not. Ok. Maybe I’m a crazy person for spending way too much time trying to comprehend how this all works. None-the-less the mechanics and the specifics do matter.

The ability to quickly identify…

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What if you had a tool that made the customization all the many details of a Layer System for AutoCAD Civil 3D and AutoCAD-based applications easy? What if that tool worked for interoperable STB or CTB based templates and drawings?

You’d probably want that tool to be easy to use, but able to handle all of the detailed nuances of the many critical Layer properties. You might…

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People ask how come our Framework of Civil 3D products don’t use the classic NCS utility layers? Honestly, most civil engineering and survey organization customers tend to like our NCS compliant set of utility Keys and Layers better. Who knew?

People do tend to forget or overlook that the NCS is large building and building project centric. Simply put, the…

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The Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D employs a rule-based method to establish Layer Standards. We made significant improvements to that in our Release 6 upgrade last year. I’ve talked previously about our Layer Standards Spreadsheet…

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Our next release of our Production Solution products is about to go live. We've released a new version of our Open Civil Keys. These include important NCS 5.0+ updates and the NCS Phase and Status Keys with descriptions. The Open Civil Standard Keys are supplied in pdf format. InstantOn and Jump Kit customers get them in spreadsheet form and may…

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